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Flanagan Scituate

Scituate, Massachusetts

Jenelle Desmond (deceased)

Kristin Carriere (deceased)

Adam Trudeau (brain injury)

Michael McInnis (social host)

James Flanagan (2 counts vehicular homicide)

On August 19, 2003, Michael McInnis hosted a party for several friends at his parents. home in Scituate, Mass. At one point in the evening, James Flanagan, 19, and five others, including Janelle Desmond, 16, and Kristin Carriere, 15, went on a beer run. In the course of their trip to the store, Flanagan crashed the car, killing Desmond and Carriere. Also injured in the crash was 20 year old Adam Trudeau, who sustained brain injuries.

James Flanagan was charged with of vehicular homicide. Michael McInnis was charged under the Social Host Law of allowing a minor to possess alcohol.

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