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Scanlon Foxboro

Foxboro, Massachusetts

Michael Brack (deceased)

Peter Shaughnessy (deceased)

Corey Scanlon (convicted of vehicular homicide)

In November of 2002, Peter Shaughnessy, 20, Michael Brack, 18, Corey Scanlon, 19, and Brendan Carey, 18, went out to a bar in Providence, RI to celebrate Shaughnessy's birthday. The four used fake IDs to get into the bar and subsequently be served. On the way home, Corey Scanlon was driving his father's Jeep Cherokee when he lost control, hit a guardrail and flipped the vehicle. Brack and Shaughnessy did not survive the crash, Scanlon and Carey were injured.

Corey Scanlon pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and negligent driving, and is currently serving a four year sentence.