Hosted by Campbell, Campbell, Edwards & Conroy

White Kneram

Newburyport, Massachusetts

Trista Zinck (deceased)

Neil Bornstein (brain damage)

William White (vehicular homicide)

Brendan Kneram (social host)

In January of 2003, Brendan Kneram, 19, purchased a 30 pack of beer from the Gateway Country Store in Seabrook, NH using a fake ID. He brought the beer back to his parents house, who were not home, and consumed the beer with three other friends. William White, 20, was in attendance at Kneram's residence, and after having consumed the beer purchased by Kneram, proceeded to drive his vehicle, despite efforts by Kneram to stop him.

Driving alone, William White struck and killed Trista Zinck, 16, and permanently injured her boyfriend, Neil Bornstein. White pled guilty to vehicular homicide and was sentenced to 2 ½ years in the house of corrections followed by an additional year for leaving the scene of the accident.

Brendan Kneram, was charged under the Social Host Law of providing alcohol to minors. Though not 21, the law applies under the interpretation of the language "whoever" provides the alcohol or the place to consume it, as Kneram did both. Brendan Kneram pled guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 1 year in the House of Corrections with 6 months suspended.

A civil suit followed the criminal proceedings, finding both William White and the Gateway Country Store negligent. Total damages awarded to the Zinck and Bornstein families totaled $8.7 million dollars. Both defendants are responsible for the entire amount of the judgment under Joint and Several Liability.