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Be A Parent, Not A Pal

Be a Parent, Not a Pal and It's All About You are multimedia programs designed by attorney Richard P. Campbell and the law firm of Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy to educate students, parents, teachers and members of the community about the Social Host Law, and to illustrate the legal consequences of allowing those under the age of 21 to possess alcoholic beverages.

During the presentation, our attorneys tell the stories of victims of the consequences of underage drinking as well as of the hosts who have been prosecuted under the Social Host Law. They show what happens when good kids make bad decisions and well-meaning parents who think that they are providing safe havens for their children and children's friends painfully discover that these havens are not safe after all. They discuss the liability of social hosts when civil actions with millions of dollars at stake rapidly follow criminal prosecutions. They give new perspectives on the question, "Mom, Dad, can I have a party here at the house? Some of my friends will be drinking, but since I'll collect all of the car keys, we'll be safe, and everything will be all right."

The firm's commitment to the issues of underage drinking and social host liability evolved out of Richard Campbell's representation of Ruth Langemann, the plaintiff in Langemann v. Davis, who sustained catastrophic injuries when a drunken teenager driving away from a house party crashed into her car. "I owe it to Ruth to try to prevent other alcohol-related tragedies," explains Richard Campbell.

Richard Campbell and the other members of the Social Host Team present Be a Parent, Not a Pal and It's All About You as a public service. The firm receives no compensation for the numerous programs that team members present every year.

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