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This section does not serve as a replacement for your College or University's code of conduct, but should serve as a supplement to provide you with a better understanding of the law and its language.

Most states in the U.S. house some form of the Social Host Liability Law which, in the case of students, is an extremely important law to be aware of.

In every state in the U.S., the sale, delivery or furnishing of alcohol to persons under 21 is prohibited. In addition, a social host may under certain circumstances be held liable for injuries caused by a guest who, having consumed alcohol at the host's premises, does harm to him or herself or to a third party.

If the guest is a minor, and the host knew or reasonably should have known that he or she was furnishing alcohol to a minor, the host may be held responsible for injuries or damage to the minor, or to third parties, caused by the minor's alcohol-influenced actions.

Furthermore, even if the guest was not a minor, a social host may still be liable for injuries to third parties if the host knew or should have known that the guest was intoxicated but, nevertheless, gave him or her, or permitted him or her to take and alcoholic drink.

Social Host Liability: Risks for Fraternities and Student Hosts

The author, Spring Walton, examines social host liability doctrines as interpreted by the courts and discusses them in relation to the college and university. Based on a study of campus fraternity chapters, their attitudes and knowledge about social host liability, and their methods of addressing this possible problem, the author suggests ways that university administrators can assist in preventing these cases. Full Text

--Spring Walton (1996) "Social Host Liability: Risks for Fraternities and Student Hosts", Vol. 34: No. 1, Article 6.
NASPA Journal Vol. 34 Iss 1 Art 6

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